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Episode 24

Published on:

14th Jul 2020

Justin Nguyen, Podcaster- Declassified College Podcast

Justin Nguyen (pronounced "Winn") is the host of The Declassified College Podcast, which is focuses on the niche of traditional college students and giving them the cheat codes to success in their higher education.

His inspiration comes from his experience in college. He crushed his grades and had several internships, working his rear end off. Many of his friends gave him a hard time for his success and joked that it came to him through luck.

In reality, he was getting home from an internship and then studying past midnight for class the next morning. He used the phrase "get cho grind up" as a battle cry to tell others that success is often followed by behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication.

Find Justin online below:

Www.getchogrindup.com (Podcast)

www.Linkedin.com/in/justingcgu (Linkedin)

Storicate.com/linkedin-course (Linkedin Course)

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